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The next issue of the Antietam Journal will appear in the Spring of 2022.

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The Editor’s Column

This issue of the Antietam Journal by Kevin R. Pawlak

Antietam Institute Announcements

Feature Articles

Davis’ Valiant Coup: Breaking the Union Cavalry Out of Harpers Ferry, September 14, 1862 by Sharon Murray

Ezra Carman’s Missing Fight by Bradley M. Gottfried

“The Bravest of the Brave… Under So Much Dirt”: Floridians in the Maryland Campaign by Phillip S. Greenwalt

In Their Own Words

John Delaney to John Gould, March 27, 1891 by Darin Wipperman

Antietam Artifacts

Mansfield’s Hat for a Sword: The Collection of Capt. George Nye, 10th Maine Infantry by Nicholas P. Picerno

In Antietam’s Footsteps

Goodbye Letters from the Battlefield by J. O. Smith

Institute Interview

Sitting Down with Dr. Gordon Damman by Laura Marfut

Book Reviews

Contributor Biographies

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Volume 1, September 2021